Monday, December 17, 2012

 Carmelito Mercado is the top pomelo producer and distributor in the Philippines. From his humble beginnings as a trader, Mercado’s determination and thirst for knowledge to improve his business has bore fruit.

As a graduate of Commerce, farming isn’t a part of his skill. His friends invited him to join the Davao Fruit Association, where he learned the basics of farming. A fervent self-made scholar, Mercado purchased several books from the US on citrus farming.

What started as a 1-hectare lease has now expanded to the 350-hectare Davao Golden Pomelo Farm that Mercado owns. It produces the Magallanes variety – the preferred variety of Filipinos for its sweet pink flesh. The oldest trees in the farm are 17 years old and can bore as much as 600 kg per plant.

Address : No. 51 Arellano St., Davao City 
Contact : Mr. Carmelito Mercado, President
Telephone : (63)(82) 224-2225 
Fax : (63)(82) 224-2225




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