Thursday, January 3, 2013

I always pass by Quirino Avenue and I can't help but notice the PS Bank Drive Thru ATM. I was so empressed with their strategy to attract customers to withdraw cash on that machine. I'm thinking, banks has drive thru nowadays, not only fast food chains like Jollibee and McDonald's.

PSBank competes with other savings banks, such as BPI Family Savings Bank and RCBC Savings Bank. The bank is also competing against multinational savings bank such as Citibank Savings and HSBC Savings. However, since PSBank is considered a major bank, it also competes with bigger financial institutions. It does not, however, aggressively compete with parent company Metrobank.

A brief history, Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) is a savings bank based in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Metrobank and is the second-largest savings bank in the Philippines.

PSBank - Davao - Madrazo Branch
PS Bank Building, Quirino corner Cayetano Bangoy Street 
(Formerly Ponciano Reyes St.), 
Davao City




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