Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Davao City’s greatest lure to travelers is its relatively calm and peaceful atmosphere and extra-friendly local residents. Being the largest city in South East Asia (when it comes to land area, that is), one wouldn’t be surprised at the many opportunities for a first-time and seasoned island-hopper to discover and rediscover all the aesthetic and social treasures Davao has to offer. And when it comes to unique food offerings to sate the hungry traveler’s stomach, Davao Restaurants are always there to fill any craving.

Bigby's - A fine dining restaurant offering world class cuisine and an affordable fast service diner. Located at Abreeza Mall, SM City Davao and Metro Lifestyle Center, Jacinto Extension.

Dencia's - The Restaurant has become a famous landmark in the city and is popularly known for their lugaw (rice porridge), tokwa’t baboy (Chinese tofu mixed with pork and some spices in special soy sauce), fresh lumpia (fresh spring rolls), and pancit canton (stir-fried noodles).

Ahfat - Located within Victoria Plaza Compound along J.P. Laurel Avenue at Bajada, Ahfat Seafood can be a quite well-known Davao City cafe that provides exquisite and delightful Chinese dishes at super affordable costs.

Mandarin Tea Garden - Offers sumptuous servings of super delicious Filipino and Chinese cuisines in six diverse branches scattered all more than the City of Davao. With numerous great and enticing dishes to offer, consumers can select from any on the four major foods categories that this place presents, namely Dimsum Delight, Rice Toppings, Noodles, and Desserts and Beverages.

Java Jive - Is a new coffee shop in Davao. Its not your usual coffee place, this place doesn't just serve you a cup of coffee, they also has bands which plays nightly. Located at Quirino Ave. Davao City.

Lyndon's - A dining place which serves unique and catchy names of yummy food. Its specialties include baby back ribs and wild scallops.

Lachi's - Serves the best meals in Davao. It is also the supplier of cakes for most of the coffee shops in this city. It is located in the suburbs – away from the bustling downtown area.

Chippens - One of the famous buffett restaurants in the Davao City area epcecailly here in the downtown area of Roxas Avenue and in this restaurant, the price of an average buffett meal consisting of at least 50 assorted dishes from appetizers to soups and entrees and main courses and desserts starts at 350 pesos per person excluding the drinks (the drinks will cost about 40 pesos for a 350 ml aluminum can of Soda (or softdrinks in these parts like coke or sprite).

Yellow Fin - It is a food establishment that specializes in Filipino cuisine. It takes pride in serving dishes from the freshest ingredients sourced within Davao and its neighboring provinces thus ensuring high quality food at reasonable prices.

Taklobo Restaurant - Offers delectable Filipino food. The place has this relaxing vibe, making it a perfect place to dine and chill out with your family or friends.

The rankings are not be scientifically.



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