Wednesday, February 13, 2013

View of Victoria Plaza, Old Durian Hotel, Abreeza & Lanang area

The ever changing city skyline of Davao is brought about by the tremendous infusion of foreign and local investments in the city. Davao is now a front liner in terms of Booming Industry in Mindanao. This is the reason why Davao City earned the top spot in the 10 Next Wave Cities of 2010.

View of Landco & Downtown area

View of Gaisano Ilustre, FTC Tower & Davao Doc 

View of Gaisano Mall of Davao & The Pinaccle Hotel

View of Davao Chinatown

View of Bo. Obrero & Lanang area

View of Marco Polo Hotel, The Royal Mandaya Hotel & ADDU

View of Old Durian Hotel, Abreeza Business Center & Lanang area

Davao City is one of the 33 Highly Urbanized Cities of the Philippines inhabited by more than a million people living amidst diverse culture and traditions. It is one of the three acclaimed metropolis in the Philippines serving as the regional center for Southern part of Mindanao. With a land area of 2,443 square kilometers, it is to be considered one of the largest cities of the world.

 Davao for the past10 years slowly moving forward but recently we could actually smell and visibly see the influx coming of investors and projects here in Davao City.



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