Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photo credit to Alvertus Photography

One of the highlights of the 76th Araw ng Dabaw celebration is the Sayawan sa Da'n. It is a competition of contemporary street dancing in celebration of the Dabawenyo's peaceful community.
The participants were divided into two category, the senior (high school) and junior (elementary).

Champion - Sta. Ana National High School (Senior Category) (Prize-Php50,000)
                   Bolton Elementary School (Junior Category) (Prize-Php50,000)

2nd - Barangay 37-D Youth Organization (Senior Category) (Prize-Php40,000)
         Don Julian Elementary School (Junior Category) (Prize-Php40,000)

3rd - Quezon All-Stars (Senior Category) (Prize-Php30,000)
         Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Senior Elementary School (Junior Category) (Prize-Php30,000)

Consolation Prize - Royal Birds and Blue Dragon Shakers (Senior Category) (Prize-Php10,000)
                              Cesario Villa-Abrille Elementary School (Junior Category) (Prize-Php10,000)

Best production design - Barangay 37-D Youth Organization (Senior Category) (Prize-Php10,000)
                                      Don Julian Elementary School (Junior category) (Prize-Php10,000)

Congratulations to all the winners!




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