Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Davao City, there are two option to cross Davao River, one is to cross via Generoso bridge 1 & 2 or via diversion road but in the area of S.I.R in Matina, crossing Davao river via motorized banca is their mode of transportation.

When I visited the area, I was able to ride the banca. It was the easiest way to commute because it's traffic-congestion free. If you ride the banca from the S.I.R, your destination is the Brgy. 2-A or the famous Grand MenSeng Hotel in Magallanes Street. 

Most of the commuter of the motorized banca are residents of S.I.R and the renters of different boarding houses in the area. S.I.R in Matina is has most number of boarding houses in the City. The location is near to different establishments in downtown area. There are so many cheap boarding houses in the area making it the first choice for settlement of most people coming from near provinces.

On the other hand, the place can be considered as a potential tourist spot but it can a big work in the side of  government. For me, if I have the chance to help and relocate those people who live in the river bank, I wish I can give them a nice place to live. But according to Vice-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, it will cost up to 50 billion pesos in relocating these settlers. When I saw the row of houses, I felt sad because they were affected by floods a lot of times.

To reach this place, you have to ride jeepney and drop before Grand Menseng Hotel and straight ahead to Gymnasium of Brgy. 2-A. The fare of the banca is Php2.00/person.



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