Thursday, March 14, 2013

Durian Hotel is one of the tallest building in Davao City. This 12-storey hotel is strategically located at J.P Laurel Ave., Bajada. It is close proximity to shopping malls, several business and commercial establishments, dining and entertainment areas, and easy of access by all types of transportation.

The hotel was very popular to business travelers and lot of tourist who are visiting the city. It served as the important landmark of the city, from the name of the hotel "Durian" which is very popular fruit of Davao City.

But sadly, the hotel has remained closed for different reason. According to many people who lived nearby, the owner was bankrupt and did not recovered. When I saw the building, I felt sad because the building is very beautiful, the beauty of the building is reflection of how Davao City become the finest and the most important City in the country today. With the most number of hotel constructed in the city, the unoccupied hotel has still no investor to buy.

Inside the hotel was the Heroes Bar, The Concord and Cafe Blanco.




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