Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello Gap Farm! My reaction when I entered the premises of the resort. Sad to say that in my entire life since the opening of this resort on 1973, this is my first time to witness the beauty of the whole farm. When I pass this area, I can always see the big mark of "LAND OF PROMISE".

Welcoming visitors to GAP Farm

Mark & Logo of the resort

Parade of Animals
Eagle & Snake

This resort is perfect for educational tour. You will experience the life of a farm like watching the scenic view, studying the different varieties of wild animals as well as the domesticated ones. The place is very relaxing because of the trees that gives the place cool.

Miracle water

Parade of Tribes

Parade of Heroes

Parade of Philippine Presidents

Japanese Tunnel


Fountain & Chapel

Parade of popular mystical folklore creatures

Statues of popular Philippine ghosts and monsters like the white lady, "tikbalang" (half man-half horse), and "kapre" (smoking giant), among others.


Cangga Ride Schedule

Horseback Riding Schedule

My photo

The resort is located in the hilly part of Green Valley, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City, and is about 15 minute drive from downtown Davao City.




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