Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From the Davao International Airport, the city proper is only about a 15-minute drive. Like most major cities in the Philippines, in Davao you will also find the colorful jeepneys traveling through the busy streets of the city. If you are in a hurry, you may consider getting a taxi. Both air-conditioned and non-aircontioned taxis are available. And don’t forget to ask the taxi driver to use the meter.

It is very safe to go around Davao as long as you follow some common rules. For added security, my travel tips might prove to be useful.

  • There is an existing No- Smoking Ordinance in the City. Smoking is prohibited inside public utility vehicles, taxis, government offices, hospitals, & theaters. In hotels, bars, & restaurants, smoking is allowed only in designated areas where the only activity being done is smoking.
  • Curfew for unaccompanied minor starts at 10:00 pm. Liquor ban starts at 2:00 AM. 
  • There is a strong enforcement of laws on anti- littering, anti- vandalism among others. 
  • Drug Trafficking is a criminal offense punishable by life imprisonment.
  • Now that Davao city traffic system is functional, jaywalking ordinance is already strictly implemented. 




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