Friday, April 5, 2013

If you are looking for a place to satisfy your taste this summer, ICE GIANTS will surely not disappoint your eagerness. They're located at Damosa Gateway Commercial Complex and Ecoland in Davao City.

The giants desserts collection of ice-shaved indulgence such as halu-halo, mango giant and many more.

Mango Magnifico

Strawberry Coblers

Giants Beef Burger

100% PURE BEEF patty w/ cheese, garnished w/ fresh tomatoes w/ thousand island dressing served w/ fries

Home Made Style Pizza

Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Sisig, Bologna, Spanish Sardines Pizza

Tortilla Wrap

Share and enjoy lettuce, peppery ground beef ,cheese,cubed tomato and wrapped w/ soft tortilla.

Giants Club-Sandwich

A four decker sandwich of ham, egg, chicken spread and cheese. garnished w/ fresh lettuce and tomatoes served w/ fries.




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