Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last 2000, Asia Week Magazine has named Davao City as the most livable City in the country and also rank 17th among Asia's top 40 Cities.

Davao has a low crime rate about less than 1%. Current revenue statistics show Davao City to be the fifth-richest city in the Philippines in terms of local income and IRA - the only city outside greater Manila in the top five. 

The city government also maintains a 24-hour emergency response system patterned after the 911 system used in the United States and Canada. A curfew on minors is also observed in the city. All business establishments, in particular bars and discos, are mandated by a city ordinance to refrain from selling alcoholic drinks beyond 1:00 am.

Last July 7, 2013, another award received by the City Government of Davao, led by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. With more than 10 years of successful drives against smoking to its credit, Davao City has been recognized anew by the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (Seatca) as the first Southeast Asian metropolitan area to become smoke-free. SEATCA is a multisectoral alliance working closely with ASEAN and World Health Organization in developing tobacco control policies. 

Davao City’s anti-smoking campaign was expanded on May 31, 2012, to include a ban on use of electronic cigarettes in public areas. It prohibits smoking in public conveyances, government-owned vehicles, entertainment areas, workplaces, sidewalks and public buildings. People in Davao City may smoke only in their homes, private vehicles, and designated outdoor areas.

Davao City is not as developed as Cebu or Manila. It doesn't have as many tall buildings nor as grandiose highway systems. But what makes Davao the best city is its collection of world-class social services and its offering of modern cosmopolitan living to all.

No doubt, the best City in the Philippines and still a young city with a lot of potential of becoming an economic power in the country. 



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