Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here are the 15 Hulagway sa Kadayawan 2013 finalists!

Like the photo which showcases the best of Kadayawan Festival! Photo with the most number of likes by August 30, 2013 at 5:00pm will win the People's Choice Award!

"Shout for Prosperity"
Entry No. 127

"Ang Dalit"
Entry No. 8

"Tribu Malipayon"
Entry No. 213

"Ethnicity Lives"
Entry No. 252

Entry No. 217

"Davao, Land of Beautiful Harvest"
Entry No. 210

Entry No. 16

Entry No. 293

 "Unity is Strength"
Entry No. 112

"Center of Attraction"
Entry No. 246

"Isdang Tisay"
Entry No. 292

"Little Kadayawan Princess"
Entry No. 113

"Sayaw sa Kalipay"
Entry No. 228

"Beauty of Kadayawan"
Entry No. 255

"A Woman in Malong"
Entry No. 237

Mentioning or tagging of the photographer's name is not allowed. Comments are not allowed. Comments will be deleted.

Sharing of the photos is allowed, however, liking/voting should be done on the actual photo posted in the City Government of Davao's official Facebook page.

Please like the best photo @ City Government of Davao FB page




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