Friday, September 27, 2013

What makes Davao City different from other cities in the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific Region that would make it ideal for tourism and investment?

Ten (10) things that sets Davao City apart from the rest:

1. Typhoon-Free Zone
Because Davao City is absolutely typhoon-free and enjoys good weather all year round, there is an abundance of flora and fauna as well as food, water, and livelihood. It is also ideal for outdoor activities because of the stable weather condition. It is a good season for adventure and sports anytime of the year so one is not limited to just the summer months.

2. Best Water in the World
Davao City’s tap water has been tested internationally for quality against all the major bottled waters sold in the market and was adjudged the best in terms of cleanliness, safety, mineral content, and taste. No need for boiling, distilling, purifying, adding of minerals. It is absolutely perfect. And no less than the World Health Organization has certified that it is the best in the world.

3. Multi-cultural and Cosmopolitan Peoples
Davao City is home to at least 10 major indigenous tribes, both Islamized and non-Islamized, as well as migrant settlers (mostly Christianized) from all over the Philippines and a growing global community of ex-patriates with different languages, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and political persuasions. As opposed to the rest of the Filipinos who have been colonized by the West, the people of Davao are indigenized — which means that they may come from different places with different ways but when they become residents of Davao, they adopt the multicultural and cosmopolitan way of life, embracing the diversity of the city.

4. Strong & Independent Local Government
The local government of Davao City is much admired by other governments, not just nationally but also internationally. It is recognized to be ahead than the national government in many ways — in the crafting of landmark pieces of legislation; in pioneering innovations in local governance; in its strong political will in the implementation of policies and programs; in its high level of self-sufficiency; and in its pluralist and liberal political climate that result in significant grassroots and civil society participation. It is a favorite destination for study tours because it is considered as a model for other cities in the country and in the world.

5. Safest Destination
Davao City has one of the lowest crime rates in the world averaging at 0.8 in every 10,000 persons per month. The Davao City Police Office has consistently been chosen as the Best Police Office in the entire country. The Davao City Peace and Order Council has been elevated to the Philippine Hall of Fame for consistently being the best in the country.

6. Most Prepared City to Respond to an Emergency
Davao City is proud to be the only Asian city that has an integrated emergency response system similar to that of the United States and Canada – the Central 911. It responds to all kinds of emergency – medical, fire, police assistance, natural or man-made disaster. The only difference between Davao’s 911 and that of the US and Canada is – in Davao the service is absolutely free, totally subsidized by the local government. The Davao City Disaster Coordinating Council is also recognized as the best prepared disaster coordinating council in the country.

7. Excellent Public Utilities & Infrastructure
Davao City enjoys an abundant and stable supply of water and power 24 hours a day all year round. The Davao City Water District (DCWD) is the number one water utility company in the Asia-Pacific Region among the 50 water utilities in the region. It is also the Most Outstanding Water District (very large category) for four years given by the Local Water Utilities Administration. On the other hand, Davao Light & Power (DLPC) is third largest privately-owned electric utility in the Philippines. It is the country’s most efficiently run power utilities, its systems loss rate of 8.13% is well below the government mandated cap of 9.50%. Davao City has a pioneering state-of-the-art traffic system similar to the system in Los Angeles, California. It is the first city in the Philippines to have an adaptive traffic signalization system. Plans are underway also to make the entire Davao City a Wi-Fi Zone.

8. Healthy Lifestyle
Davao City adheres to a wholesome and healthy lifestyle for its residents and encourages its visitors to pursue the same. It pioneered the regulation of smoking in public places in the Philippines, which was replicated by other cities and gave birth to the national anti-smoking law. It has tough policies against dangerous drugs, violence against women and children (including prostitution and human trafficking), and environmental pollution. It led the ban on aerial spraying of plantations as well as the use of pyrotechnics. It is also in the forefront in the conservation of endangered species such as the country’s national bird, the Philippine Eagle, as well as the protection of the city’s watershed, coastal areas, rivers and gulf. It also boasts of one of the most progressive and comprehensive reproductive health program in the world.

9. More Value for Money
Davao City has the freshest and highest quality produce in the country. Its exports of banana, pineapple, orchids, and tuna, among others, are considered the best in the world. Its pomelo, durian, and mangosteen are sought-after by the rest of the country. Yet these excellent, world-class products remain affordable and accessible to the locals on a daily basis. In Davao, the high quality of life does not come at a high cost.

10. Inclusive, Not Exclusive
Davao City is open to all, regardless of one’s stature in life. There are no exclusive clubs for the social and economic elite nor are there forbidden ghettos confined to the poor and marginalized. Children and pets are welcome everywhere. Diversity in religious, political, sexual and gender orientation respected and celebrated. There are no strict dress codes to follow. Celebrities and famous people are treated like everyone else. No special treatments for those in powerful positions. Everybody is entitled to the same rights and privileges. There is zero tolerance for all kinds of abuse and discrimination. Elitism and haughtiness are treated with disdain while humility and openness are valued virtues.



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