Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Multicabs are numerous in the City and they have different colors & routes. Unlike jeepney, this kind of public transportation is smaller. Mostly, its maximum capacity is 16 passengers including the driver. From the point of origin, which is downtown Davao, the routes includes buhangin, maa, puan, ulas, sasa, tigato, etc. Just like taxi, which very popular, particularly the black taxi, Multicabs also has different colors, name it and you can see it around downtown area.

Routes are written on the side and top front multicabs.  They usually carry a signboard in their windshield which enables the  passengers to determine what streets they are going to pass by during the trip.

By waving your hand in a sidewalk, a jeepney or multicab will stop for you to ride, just make sure that you are in the loading/unloading area. Presently, the minimum fare is Php8.00. Fare price varies on the distance from the origin to your destination.  It is advisable to give your fare earlier, before you reach your destination to avoid delay. You can always check the tariffs posted inside the vehicle for you to know the exact fare.

If you already arrive your destination, you just say “lugar lang”, "para lang", "sa yellow box lang", or you may knock on the ceiling with your hands or coin. Before going down, make sure that you have paid your fare and got your exact change. Some drivers are so courteous that they never forget to say "thank you/salamat ma'am/sir" before a passenger unloads.




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