Sunday, October 6, 2013

For the past 2 years I've witnessed the sprout of different high rise buildings, mostly condominiums in Davao City. The ever changing city skyline of Davao is brought about by the tremendous infusion of foreign and local investments in the city. Davao City couldn’t match up with Cebu City and Metro Manila’s skyline right now but Davao City is much cleaner and remarkably well organized in comparison.

As of this date, Davao City holds the highest building in Mindanao. The abreeza Residences is a 26-storey residential condominium which is located at the Abreeza Business district in Bajada.

Davao City is the premier City and hub of Mindanao. It is a "Crown Jewel" of Mindanao in terms of economic activity. It is the most important economy in the island and the third most important urban center in the Philippines.




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