Wednesday, October 16, 2013

C.M Recto St./Fronting Oroderm City

Metro Davao is one of the largest in the country and the most economically active in Mindanao.Davao City is the premier City and hub of Mindanao.It is a "Crown Jewel" of Mindanao in terms of economic activity because it is the premier city, the financial and trade center of Mindanao.

It also has the greatest economic activity, population, urban build-up and modern amenities in Mindanao, and is the single most important economy in the island as well as the third most important urban center in the Philippines. It is also the largest city in the BIMP-EAGA Economic Circle, a subregional economic cooperation initiative in Southeast Asia.

C.M Recto St.

C.M Recto/Regina Complex

C.M Recto/China Bank
C.M Recto/Going to San Pedro Church

Gaisano Center Bolton

Bolton St.

Corner C.M Recto & San Pedro St.

Bolton St.

San Pedro St.

San Pedro St./3F Fortune Mall

San Pedro St.

San Pedro St./ My Hotel

San Pedro Corner Pelayo

Anda/Rizal St.

Legazpi Suites

Anda Corner Gov. Duterte St.

Gov. Duterte St.

ATU Plaza

Bagobo Hotel

Gov. Duterte St.

Gov. Duterte corner Ilustre

Gov. Duterte corner Ilustre



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