Thursday, October 17, 2013

Corner C.M Recto & Palma Gil St.

Davao City is recognized to be one highly urbanized city in the country. Davao City composed of 3 districts covering 182 Barangays. As of 2011, the estimated population in the city is around 1,530,365 and is hailed as the 3rd most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines.

Davao City is the most significant financial and trade capital and the wealthiest city in Mindanao by income hence considered as the Crown Jewel of Mindanao.

C.M Recto St.

Uno Hotel

Roxas Ave.

Crossing J.P Laurel & Cabaguio Ave.

Near Victoria Plaza

Victoria Plaza

Dover Lanes Bonifacio

UIC Bonifacio

Bonifacio St.




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