Tuesday, October 8, 2013

 A lot of us wants to experience a perfect place for relaxation where you will be treated like a royalty. Leticia by the Sea is the perfect place to be. 

The date was set, everything was prepared and we were good to go. It's another out of the city adventure and it was an experience beyond expectations in this part of Talicud Island.


Mr. Raymond dela Paz, Operations Manager of Leticia by the Sea sent me an invite to experience the resort. With an excitement, I accepted the invite.


Miss Crest, a staff from the resort, arranged us to ride the famous water taxi and it was my first time. Together with the other guests we departed Sta. Ana Wharf at exactly 12:30 PM.

It was a fast and smooth ride to Talicud Island. It only took about 30 minutes via water taxi ride and we arrived safely at Leticia by the Sea Port, thank you to the accommodating crews. 


The clear water, the sand, the sun, and this place makes a perfect formula for a perfect vacation. It looked so peaceful and welcoming, and I was not disappointed.

Safety first before everything else.


The quick journey in the sea can really make one so thirsty. How about a soothing drink to quench it? A freshly picked coconut was served as a welcoming drink to every guest. From the looks of it, I can say that it was especially prepared for us, that it was really made only for me. The drink was served to us after we were directed to our room.


The staffs was so courteous and hospitable. They always attend to every guests needs by making themselves readily available whenever we need their extra hand on things.

I don't want to wasted time since every corner of the resort is worth treasuring not only through photographs but the experience itself. One whole day was not enough to overly satisfy myself with this kind of "luxury type" of living.

The sun is setting, the hot breeze from the shore turns warm to cold and I can't wait to see the evening scenery. Suddenly it was turning dark, the lights were turning on one by one and you can't hear the boats' rushing on the waters anymore but the splashes of the water on the shore. Ah.... I don't want this day to end.

It was almost 6:00PM and I can hear a cluttering sound, and my stomach was responding to that sound together with a very inviting aroma. Yup, it was dinner time as one of the staffs asked us if it was alright for them to set the dinner table near our cottage, and I said, "Yes, please", smiling to myself secretly.

The dinner was elegantly prepared in a gazebo near our cottage. It was a complete dinner setting, from appetizer, soup, main courses, drinks, and my favorite, the dessert. Actually, everything on the table was my favorite.

I asked the serving staff on the resort about the schedule of the boats departure on the next day. He answered that the boat will leave after lunch since the meal was arranged from breakfast until lunch. Sad to say, we need to leave early the next day. They made sure that we will have a ride as early as 6:00 AM. For us not to miss our breakfast, they told us that they will pack it before leaving.

Time to take a complete break, I need to feel the warm water of the sea to complete my experience. While walking towards the shore to take a quick swim, I was smiling, this experience was not what I am expecting, they exceeded it.

Family Cottage (Good for 6 persons)

It was a very long and exciting day. Feeling fresh from the night swimming, I took my notepad and took note on every detail of my experiences. Curling on the bed while brainstorming on things and resisting my sleepiness, I fell on a very deep sleep without me noticing it. The place was a cozy and comfort on its best put as one.

My alarm was on at exactly 5:00 AM, took pictures on the early morning sights, and prepared my things for my departure. I went to their dinning place near the kitchen. They offered hot coffee and as promised, packed the freshly cooked breakfast.

We were fetched by their own boat to the Talicud Island Port to take the first schedule ride to Sta. Ana Wharf at around 6:00 AM. Glancing from the boat, I have to bid my farewell deepest gratitude to everyone on the resort and to the resort itself.

After 1hour and 30 minutes, we arrived Sta. Ana Wharf. It's done and I have to share my experience beyond expectations with Leticia By the Sea.

Every chapter has to end, and this one will have to. My book of adventure will open another chapter and another experience awaits.

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