Sunday, October 6, 2013

Toril is known because of its world class resort and having the 2nd best potable water in the world particularly in Dumoy area. It is also known for its abundance in agricultural industries. Toril is slowly coming out from its shell because of different investments. First on the list is Felcris Supermarket, followed by the newly opened Gaisano Grand Mall, Gaisano Mall of Davao which will be opening very soon, Commercial Banks, Softdrinks Plant and many others.

Toril Landmark


Overpass (near St. Peter)

Crossing Toril

Toril Public Market

ONB Toril

Agton Street

Ermelyn's Complex

View of Jollibee & Goldilocks

Jollibee Toril


Crossing going to Sto. Rosario Parish


According to the survey, Toril District has the most leading number of vehicles traveling everyday and is increasing by 2% annually. Most of these vehicles are motorcycles. Toril is now becoming known as one of the Motorcycle Capitals of the Philippines.

Going to SSS

Today, Toril is one of the top district in Davao City in terms of population and business. Many people think that this place would become a City in the near future. Toril is continuing to grow and standing on its own feet to become the most important district in Davao City.




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