Friday, December 27, 2013

As of the 2012 Annual Audit Report made by the Commission on Audit, Davao City topped among 20 cities with a financial status of P4,387,466,847. Followed by Cebu City (3,482,501,266), Batangas City (2,257,503,362), Zamboanga City (2,050,184,302), Calamba City (2,023,350,771), Sta. Rosa (2,010,673,695), Cagayan de Oro City (1,889,334,952), Puerto Prinsesa (1,801,171,684), Iloilo City (1,721,920,119), Antipolo (1,558,689,500), Bacolod (1,507,125,646), General Santos (1,307,328,586), Dasmarinas (1,226,795,087), Baguio City (1,218,883,793), Lapu Lapu City (1,174,096,103), Mandaue City (1,133,857,295), Iligan City (1,124,252,003), Butuan City (1,083,498,613), Angeles (1,082,568,138) Lipa City (1,032,029,664).

An annual audit report is the check and balance of every institution. It traces the flow of finances, where it went. It summarizes all financial transactions annually. In this case, it analyzes the expenditures and savings of the city.




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