Saturday, January 18, 2014

More than ten years since the firecracker ban in Davao City. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte implemented the strict law against pyrotechnics. Dabawenyos enjoyed the zero casualties every year because of the firecracker ban.

Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag of Department of Health said that there are LGU's who wants to copy the ordinance of Davao City.

The ordinance has gain the attention of the netizens all over the Philippines and filipinos abroad. According to Jesusa Tabao: "Ano ang kakayahan ni Mayor Duterte hindi kaya ng ibang Mayor. Bakit napapasunod niya ang taga Davao. Isa lang ibig sabihin, may disiplina ang mga taga Davao. Ang ibang bayan mga walang modo gusto sila masunod, di yung namumuno. DAPAT GAYAHIN NG IBA SI MAYOR DUTERTE, MABUHAY MAYOR DUTERTE, taga dito ako sa Tuguegarao Cagayan."

Ariel Canto Basco said:  "When it comes too the money politics lessen who cares if someone get hurt. Every one should follow Mayor you should start your wang wang and stop the fireworks."

"Davao City is of one great example of how to celebrate the New Year with a bang but without firecrackers! No casualty at all not a single peso spend for any injured during the season! God bless the people of Davao!" James Mallorca said.

Albert Santiago Alegre also said: "Dapat talaga I ban na yan firecrackers nĂºmero UNO sa pag sira ng ozone warming ang dapat isipin hndi dapat yan lumang tradition na yan."

An Ordinance Prohibiting the Manufacture, Sale, Distribution, Possession or Use of Firecrackers or Pyrotechnic Devices and such other similar devices and the exploding of Firecrackers or other similar explosives within the territorial jurisdiction of Davao City.

Prohibited Acts.

a. It shall be unlawful for any person or business establishment to manufacture, sell or offer for sale, distribute, possess or use any firecrackers or pyrotechnic device or such other similar devices within the territory of Davao City;

b. It shall, likewise, be unlawful for any person to discharge or explode, or cause to discharge or to explode, any firecrackers, or any other explosive or to use any pyrotechnic device or any  such other similar device, at anytime and anywhere within the territory of Davao City.

Penalties. Violation of the provisions of this Article shall  be penalized as follows:

a. For the first offense, a fine of One Thousand  Pesos (P1,000.00) or imprisonment of not more than One (1) month but not less than twenty (20) days, or both fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the Court;

b. For the second offense, a fine of  Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000.00) or imprisonment of not more than Three (3) Months but not less than One (1) month, or both fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the Court;

c. For the third offense,  a fine of Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00) or imprisonment of not more than Six (6) months but not less Three (3) months, or both fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the Court.

If the violation is committed by a business establishment, the President or General Manager or the person, acting in behalf of  either the President or General Manager shall be held liable in the case of a corporation or partnership, or the owner or proprietor or the person acting in his behalf shall be held responsible in the case of a single proprietorship.

In addition to the foregoing penalties, the business permit of the business establishment shall be cancelled by the City Mayor upon the commission of the third offense.



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