Monday, January 20, 2014

Most of us filipinos are music lovers. We love music so much that we become faithful fans of old and new artists. According to survey, 90% of Pinoy inbound of music nowadays. No wonder, many filipinos has music equipment like the old walkman, cellphone with music, radio etc. This was the reason why more FM stations were established.

For instance in Davao City, competition of radio stations is very common. A lot of strategies are used to get the attention of their listeners. Updated songs has a great factor to compete with other stations. Using different prizes like free ticket concert or ticket on a movie, free T-shirt, gift certificate etc.

The most interesting between radio station competition is the 'uso-uso expressions'. There are different FM station in Davao City which is famous in making "USO-USO EXPRESSIONS."

Below are some of the old and new "uso-uso expressions" that influenced Davao City listeners.

"Estoryahee" or "Talk to the _____", in english, was one of the famous expression in Davao City which was introduced by MOR 101.1, an ABS-CBN Davao radio station. Idol Dagul and Inday Tanini were the DJ's  behind the popularity of "estoryahee" in the city.  Honestly, at first I don't like the term because it was offensive. I don't like the situation when you are in a serious conversation then you get a reply of "Estoryahee!". But later on I learned to accept it and started using the term in any conversation especially with friends.  

After the 'Estoryahee', MOR 101.1 Davao with DJ's Idol Dagul and Inday Tanini introduced the 'Acheche'. It was used during funny conversations, like saying pick lines or corny jokes then it will be replied by 'Acheche'.

Kapwa (Hayahay) is a Visayan word which means relaxed or restful, convenience, comfort, easiness, fresh, breezy, affluent, cozy, without stress, and without care in life. 

This has recently become a popular expression among Bisaya who are living in Metro Manila, Visayas, Mindanao & even non-Bisaya who are eager to know the Visayan dialect.

Elsewhere, HAYAHAY has become an expression of every KAPWA spicing up their everyday lives.It was introduce by 90.7 Love Radio Davao. 

'Ambot sa kanding nga may bangs' was introduced by 93.9 iFM in Davao City. This has recently become a popular expression in Visayas and Mindanao.

Pagsure ba kay magbiko ta! is the latest famous "Pauso" or "Trendy" line in Davao City today. I laughed at my niece when I heard her saying the line for the first time during her conversation with her friend. After hearing it, I searched the net for its origin. I found out that it was introduced by iFM in Davao City.

It was hard for me to translate the line in a good way, so I seeked for help from Davao's Pride page and some netizens replied like: 

Jovel Mar Torregosa Malingin - "make sure! coz we'll make rice cake!"
Janema Tormis - are you sure?we'll make a sweet rice.
Regine Velasquez - Make sure coz we'll make glutinous rice cooked in coconut cream.
Lfa Villa Llaguno Labao - Make it sure, or else we make sweet potato.
Jelly Diaz - are you sure?coz if that, we'll make rice cake.
Jexy Miñoza Morin - Make sure of that coz we'd be making rice cake! Lol. Not sure about the biko tho.
Chona Marlyn Barlobinto Armstrong - biko- caught make sure we don't get caught!
Zhēnnī Jayon - Make it sure we will make some sticky rice.
Chiller Kiat - "Be sure because we will make sticky cake!"
Kent Lawrence N. Maceda - Really? cuz we'll make a biko LOL.
James Seromines - really? let's make rice cake then!
Edna Sims Lundy - Make sure coz we will gonna cook rice cake.
Jenille Lim - If you're sure, come let's eat rice pudding in coconut milk. LOL
Gerald Mejorada - Just make sure, coz...hsyfysududhhyshsyy! Dafuq!
Blest Riches Papio - sure sure it coz we will make sticky rice.
Ghing Rose - make sure coz we make glutinous rice cooked in coconut cream with lots of sugar.
Melot Galla - Are you sure? Bcoz i make glutinous rice.
Jing Hammer - You better be sure so we can make sweet rice cake.
Tristaniel Alcalde - Are you sure cause well gonna make a sugar rice... with LOVE.
Anna Fe Alejandre Bacus-Torres - r u pretty sure then we'll make sticky sweet rice lol
Athron Akira Skybox - Really! Lets cook sticky rice nyahahaha.
Stella Paredes - "Are you sure, coz we'll celebrate then!"
Joy Mangapis - make it sure you will bake of of rice cake..
James Seromines - really? let's make rice cake then!
Aikee Ferraren Yra - Make it sure ,cos we will bake rice cake together.

There are some expression popularize by radio station in Davao City which is very controversial.

Salad oh, init pa! is expression in the street that means "Sexy Girl". The expression was rumored originated from street vendors in Cagayan de Oro City. It was become viral in facebook and other networking sites. Some guys voice out this expression every time they see a beautiful sexy lady.

In dictionary, 'Salad' means a dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.

Because of the popularity and many people are against especially the girls. It was rumored that Vice Mayor Duterte issued a warning against dabawenyos who will be caught saying 'Salad oh, Init pa!', but It was only a false alarm.




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