Friday, January 17, 2014

The Gaisano Grand Mall, located at Ilustre St., Davao City is the tallest mall in Davao City or even in Mindanao with 6 floors. It was called as "Gaisano Ilustre" before it was partly burned more than a decade ago. After the renovation, it was then called as "Gaisano South" and evolved its name to what we know now as "Gaisano Grand Mall".

Today, the mall has new paint to compete with other new malls in Davao City. Most dabawenyos has a lot of stories to tell about this mall because this is one of the oldest mall in Davao City. Who will forget the Basketball Gym at the upper floor of the mall which was the venue of PBA. Their movie theatre is a bit dark which most couples, like me prefer. In my college days, the fifth floor of the mall was my hangout because of the internet cafe and sometimes to meet new friends, we once called "Eyeball", through the use of 'MIRC' or 'Yahoo Chat'. 

It is one of the historical landmark of Davao City. The mall has new name with new management but its memories will retain especially to the 'oldies' of Davao.

Feel free to tell your stories about this mall.



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