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I am proud to say that I was born in Davao City. My Father is a half chinese who married a beautiful Mandaya-Bisaya woman and that's my mother. I maybe a 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 Pinoy but it does not make me less of a Mindanaoan.

I have lived in Mindanao for about 28 years and I am fully aware that Mindanao is in struggle as we seek liberation not from political upheavals, not from insurgencies but we seek liberation from a thing others would consider as futile- that is misconception.

Mindanao are brought by the following reasons:

  • Bombings some parts of Mindanao
          There are a lot of incidents that some foreign tourist was kidnapped by Abusayaff and other group in some part of Mindanao. Those incidents affect the economy and most tourist and even businessman are afraid to visit and put business here. Some may misinterpret that the whole Mindanao is very dangerous to visit or to live in. For instance, whenever I travel outside Mindanao and someone asks me of my origin then I would reply, 'Davao City', they usually reply, 'Mindanao? Abusayaff?'. Even in national news the whole Mindanao is generalized to be threatened by bombing or kidnapping.

          It is all but a misconception. For example, in Davao City, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's tough implementation of peace and order that has made Davao City to be the top 4 Most peaceful City in the whole world. The city was recognized to be the most livable city not only in the Philippines but in Asia. I hope some people outside Mindanao would change their beliefs about the people living here in Mindanao. The reported conflicted places are isolated and is very far in Davao City and other Cities in Mindanao.

  • No high end malls
          When it comes to fashion and high tech gadgets, Mindanao will never be behind anymore. Just a glimpse from the past, many people were flying to Manila just to buy authentic trendy gadgets, clothes and other products which only high end store can provide. Including in the list are the international restaurants that offers different kinds of cuisines. A lot of these and more can only be found in Manila.This maybe the reason why Mindanao is usually quoted to be "behind trend, slow paced," or some can also say that, "it's a lay-back countryside".

          In present time, I can say that all is but a misconception. Some main cities in Mindanao has built malls that offers fashion inclined people's desires. In Davao City new malls are opened that can also be found in Manila. They have trendy stores, and restaurants that serves every luxurious taste buds a blast. These malls include, Abreeza Ayala Malls, SM City Davao, and the newly opened SM Lanang Premier. Inside the malls are the different kinds of high end boutique like, DEBENHAMS, Marks n Spencer, XOXO, American Eagle, Columbia, Bauhaus, Ellese, Tretorn, Forever21, and many more. High end restaurants like TGIF, Itallianis, Vikings, Bulgogi, Breadtalk, Clawdaddy's, Hog's Breath, Starbucks, etc. People in Mindanao will no longer fly to Manila just to buy high end products or eat in the famous restaurants because Davao City and even Cagayan de Oro offers what Manila has. Davao City is far better from the past. More international brands are coming to give dabawenyos and Mindanaoans a world class satisfaction.

  • Lack of College and Universities
          Luzon has many top Universities that offers different courses. Some Mindanaons are sent by their parents in Manila to study. That's the reason why more people thinks that Mindanao don't have lack of schools to meet the needs. Some students prefered to study in Manila because their parents have enough money to spend on their chosen education. Many of these families are engaged into business, and others are in politics. Mindanao is quite at par with Manila when it comes to Universities and Colleges. We have Ateneo de Davao University, University of the Philippines - Mindanao, University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City. In Cagayan de Oro, Xavier University, Ateneo de Zamboanga while in Marawi City, Mindanao State university. This schools also top in national ranking in terms of performance.

These are three Misconception that I encountered when I was traveling outside Mindanao. I hope this misconception will correct because Mindanao is a better place to live. Mindanao is the food basket of the Philippines. Mindanao has a great contributing factor on Philippines was able maintain the status of the economy. Mindanaoan is a peace loving, friendly and GOD fearing people. Kidnapping, bombings and other forms of criminal activities are happen everywhere in the world, even the America, they have high tech intelligence, they are not free of terrorism. So, think and analyze before using MINDANAO.

I am always proud to be a Mindanaon. I will die here.

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