Thursday, January 16, 2014

Accidents along national roads often occur because of the obduracy of pedestrians to use overpasses in crossing the streets. In Davao City, recorded deaths happen to those who opt to play ‘patintero’ to speedy vehicles rather than use the footbridges awaiting in some distance.

As a solution, an overpass with elevators was built near Assumption College of Davao. It will lessen or even eradicate the deaths caused by vehicular accidents. It also helps the students in crossing the streets most especially the Persons With Disability (PWD). 

Life is very important, the City Government of Davao, led by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte implemented the Speed Limit of Davao City. CCTV cameras were scattered all over the Metro to monitor the traffic and any other forms of activities, especially accidents, in the street. The people of Davao will benefit from the projects being implemented in the city.

This is the first overpass with elevators constructed in Mindanao.




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