Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Social Security System (SSS) Satellite branch is now open at 3rd level, NCCC Mall, Matina Davao City.

Services offered: 
  1. Issuance of:  
  • SSS Number/Employer ID Number 
  • Forms
  1. Simple Correction of Membership and Employer Data
  2. Receipt and Processing of Salary Loan Application
  3. Receipt and Processing of Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Compliance
  4. UMID Data Capture (scheduled)
  5. WEB Registration Assistance and Resetting of Blocked Compliance
  6. Receipt of the following: 
  • Request for Correction of Name/Date of Birth
  • Request for Change of Civil Status
  • Request for Change of Dependents/Reporting of Additional dependents
  • Request for Employer Data Ammendments
  • Employer's Report of Newly Hired/Additional Employees
  • Maternity Notification
  • Contribution Collection List
  1. Inquiry or Verification of:
  • Contributions
  • Loan Eligibility/Application Status/Payments
  • Maternity/Retirement/Death/Funeral Benefit Eligibility/Claim Status
  • UMID Application Status




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