Friday, January 3, 2014

Why More Tourist Love Davao City? I asked this question to Davao's Pride (Official) page. A lot of members responded and this were the top comments I received.

Ruelito Alquino - People of Davao under the discipline of our city mayor...and all people here are supportive the rules and regulation enforce by the local government of Davao...why the Davao are belong in 4th place city safe of whole world...the very important are participation of all people in the city!

Paul Ire James Alda - Security never sleeps in Davao.

Randy Cortez - Because Davao residents are Peace Loving People!

Chuck Van Anthony Sumicad - More tourist love Cebu..if you ask me.. but those who love safety and security.. davao is the best.. 

Donix Orilla - Because Davao is Dawow.

Michelle Espiritu - coz of durian! safe and the best beach and tourist spots.

Jairo Echavia - Coz Davao is one of the most safest city in the asia.

MaRky - It's because Life is here.

Jane Dolon Nacua - Of course peaceful . Clean and green tourist spots...

Storm Santillan - DavaoeƱos are fun-loving lovely creatures!

Yhayoy R. Vales - AWESOME CITY.

Marel Gatz Sun - Dabawenyo are friendly.

Tim Torres - Duterte!

Rich Bay - The only city I've known with 911 emergency call. And the fruits....and the beaches!

Hirman Perez - Security, Peaceful, Discipline, Honest people and most they are Friendly! thats davao!

Rach Ear K Tah - Its because its safe for the foreigner.




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