Sunday, February 16, 2014

Most people connotes Davao as 'Safe' & 'Duterte'. There's no doubt about it because many dabawenyos and even visitors witnessed how Mayor Rodrigo Duterte run the city. His work made the city to rank fourth in the top safest city in the world, according to Davao City became the example of many places in the country to adopt on how the mayor put the city into a better place to live.

I asked the followers of Davao's Pride page about, 'If Davao is mentioned, what comes into your mind?' A lot people not only in Davao City replied.

Marysol P. Delatorre replied, when she heard Davao, Mayor Duterte, Phil.Eagle & Durian comes into her mind - Si Mayor parang Phil.Eagle at Durian. Parang phil.eagle mabagsik at matapang! Parang durian, matinik pro maputi ang kalooban. ( The mayor is like a Philippine eagle, very tough & brave. He also like a durian, has a torn but he has a good heart.)

Even the foreigners like Mr. William Still, he said that Davao City is safe, clean & welcoming city. Heaven Chan also said Davao City is safe place with peace and cleanliness. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to MaryLou Tan Rule, Davao City is one of the top ten cities in the world. Very clean city, Peace and order all the time, beautiful beaches. She also added the Abreeza Mall, the heaven for shoppers and a lot of fashionistas.

Romeo Nepomuceno also said that Davao City is the safest city in the Philippines. He also love delicious durian and according to him if your in Davao there's no worries because of mayor Duterte.

According to Christian Dior Grafilo of Manila, Davao City is a place where she want to stay because of peace and safety.

Nenette Gonzaga Ganados said 'I quickly remember mayor Rody, then the cleanliness of the city follows'.

Because of the peace and order in Davao City, many investor are coming to put up business and that is the response of Jaymasun Lay, she said that the business is good because of safety.

One of the key on how the city became the safest city in the world and the most livable city in the Philippines is the emergency response 911.

Ms. Lolly Uy Pedrajas Pardillo said Davao Central 911 is the first and only city in asia.

Many people also replied on how Davao City is very abundant of fruits, vegetables and also famous in different restaurants because of many delicacies.

There are a lot of homegrown restaurant. One dabawenyo replied, Rommel Cequiña said that Colasa's barbeque, pinakalami na brbeque sa davao city (the most delicious barbecue in Davao City). Nilla Calderon also add DENCIA'S as her favorite restaurant in Davao City.

Even our hero OFW's responded, Luzvie Rodriguera Cabigas said that the Beautiful people, fresh air, fresh seafoods, Bangkerohan, lechon, fruits, everything and she will be coming very soon.




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