Sunday, February 9, 2014

Photo by Trexie Dot'z Harmony
The people of Tawan Tawan Baguio District particularly in Sitio Durian & Sitio Panipasan is one of the priority of the Department of Agriculture to be the beneficiary of Tramline System. The agri-products of the farmers will  be transported thru the tramline system.

An agricultural tramline is a hauling facility that is made of steel cables, pulleys, carriers, posts, power house, and loading and unloading platforms.

Tramline will reduce hauling cost, energy and time. The wire cables will provide a faster link between upland / downhill farms and the main road leading to the trading post. It will also remove the dependence on the porter system of hauling vegetables that spoils and damage fruits and vegetables during the transport.

Photo by Trexie Dot'z Harmony

Photo by Trexie Dot'z Harmony

Without the tramline system, the farmers will carry their agri producst thru horse crossing the river. The tramline line system will charge 1 peso per 20 kilos of goods or 10 passengers.

All photos credit to Trexie Dot'z Harmony



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