Friday, March 28, 2014

Barangay Lubogan in Toril district is one of the 180 Barangays of Davao City. The new building was built to serve the people by giving good service in the area. As a resident in this barangay, I admire the Brgy. Captain on how he handle the place. Unlike any other barangay in Davao City, getting Barangay clearance is free of charge unlike in other branggays where I have to pay P25.

Another factor why I like this barangay is the ambiance inside the building. The accommodating staff that will give you their best service. There is television at the lounge to entertain the people while waiting.

Barangay Lubogan is a progressive barangay, more businesses are coming in this area because it is very near in Toril. The public & private cemetery, Brokenshire College branch, factory and other business are also located in  this area.

To prepare the traffic congestion, the government constructed and widen the road in Barangay Lubogan. A concrete island is currently constructed as part of the beautification program.

History of Barangay Lubogan

Before the outbreak of the war, Japanese owned most of the land or haciendas surrounding Toril. Larger plantations were planted with abaca, ramies, kapok and coconut.

At that time, there was a poor means of transportation. The only way is by using horses and carabaos. This method was a common practice among Filipinos and Japanese farmers. People from the highlands, namely Tungkalan, Lupoy, Baracayo, Daliaon Plantation and other places use this type of transportation.

Before reaching Toril, people from the highlands will pass or cross the Lipadas River. There was no bridge at that time. Everybody knows that the carabaos can't endure the heat of the sun in traveling; therefore, carabaos will be taken to the nearest river for a bath. So, before carabaos could continue its trip, they will be taken to the river to allow, in Visayan term, “LUBOGAN, to enjoy the coldness of the water. Upon returning home, the same things happen. That is how LUBOGAN got its name.

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