Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Toril is known because of the 'Payong Payong' tricycle. It is a makeshift tricycles that uses umbrella as roofing to shield the driver and the passengers from heat and rain. 

Toril is one of the most populous Barangay in Davao City. As a new residents in this area, I tried to ride in this kind of transportation for several times. I think 'Payong Payong' is more comfortable than close cab motorcycle because I can see the sites in the street in every angle and I can hear the wind rushing through my ears. Most of the times, these Payong-Payongs are more prone to many kinds of danger to its passengers and road accidents. Aside form it has less protection in terms of its physical built, these vehicles don't have registration, unlike close cab tricycles. Sometimes I felt nervous because unlike close cab motorcycles, 'Payong Payong' has less protection especially the front side of the vehicle. 

Because of the complains by some of the commuters, the city government has come up with a new prototype tricycle to change the 'Payong Payong' style tricycle. Former Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte and the Traffic Management Center introduced the new yellow-colored closed cab designs. In this new design, two people can seat at the front and driver at the other side while the space at back id reserved for baggage and other cargo. But some operators are not following the design because some close cab motorcycles are using the back space which allows to seat two more passengers. 

The city government of Davao come up this kind of policy to uniform the close cab tricycle in Toril. It will lessen the danger to the commuters who prefer this kind of mode of transportation.

The operators of the tricycles can apply their franchise at the City hall of Davao and get their plate number.




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