Friday, March 28, 2014

Island Garden City of Samal is famous of its many white sand beaches and resorts like Pearl farm Beach Resort, Paradise Island, Secdea Beach, Tiki Beach, Canibad, Buenavista Island and among others. But there is one hidden paradise in this island, the Hagimit Waterfalls, a small waterfall located in Poblacion PeƱaplata.

It is a multi-tiered water fall or a collection of small waterfalls that empties to a pool that acts as a catch basin. Many visitors appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and the lush greens will delight your eyes. 

The area is surrounded by trees and provides a good place for people who want to meditate, commune with nature and simply relax.

How to get there?

From downtown Davao City, I took a ride from near Magsaysay Park which the bus stop for commuters. 


Magsaysay Park to Penaplata - P45.00




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