Monday, March 3, 2014

One of the well-known landmark in the city of Davao. Ramon Magsaysay Park was named in honor of the former Philippine president Ramon Magsaysay. 

As a highly recognized tourist attraction, people can do many exciting and fun-filled activities at Ramon Magsaysay Park, for they can unwind and relax at this beautiful place together with their loved ones, relatives, and friends. Some families even hold picnics within the area, bringing in with them some enticing food to share with their kids and their loved ones.

For others, this place can serve as an excellent place to hold romantic dates as well as spend some quality time talking and mingling with their friends.

Children ride on rented bikes inside the Magsaysay Park, which continues to draw people despite the draw of malls.

Beach Front


Foods For Sale

Ferries Wheel

Ramon Magsaysay Monument

Ramon Magsaysay Park also features other interesting things, including the souvenir stalls, plant stalls, and skating rink.




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