Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The phrase 'patience is a virtue' simply means that the ability to wait for something or someone without being angry or upset is a good and valuable quality.

As a driver and commuter in Davao City, traffic congestion is already part of our daily lives. There are many factors why congested traffic happen in our city. In my opinion, these are the problems that the City Government of Davao will address.
  • Over populated public utility jeepney & taxi.
  • Small street & road that can occupy only 2 to 3 lanes.
  • Loading and Unloading anywhere on the road.
  • Hard-headed pedestrians crossing the street with the green light or not on a pedestrian lane.
Another problem that most dabawenyos especially the drivers is the Speed Limit Ordinace in Davao City. All drivers must observe the allowable speed limits along highways, streets & thoroughfares. Some say, this speed limit can cause congestion on streets specially in downtown area that allowable speed limit is only in 30kph.

Because of these traffic problems, the city government of Davao implemented more projects to ease the traffic situation in Davao City. Widening of roads are being implemented especially in Bangkal, Matina and reconstruction of roads in Quezon Boulevard. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is also planning a monorail and possibly a subway system to help decongest traffic in the city’s main thoroughfares in the next decade. The target route of the railway is the north to south bound where situation of traffic needs greater attention.

The economy of Davao City is fast growing, more investors are coming here to put up investments. This is also the reason why people from other regions migrate here for work. More parents from other provinces are sending their children to study in different school in this city. These are factor that might affect the traffic situation in our city. The city government of Davao led by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is trying solve the problem. It is hard to handle the city with population of 1.5 million. We dabawenyos must also contribute and help the government by obeying the traffic rules. Through this we can show the world that citizens of Davao are disciplined.




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