Saturday, April 12, 2014

I would like to share my taxi-snapshots while I was at Land Transportation Office in Quezon Boulevard near the on-going construction of Felcris Centrale. I used my phone camera to capture different taxi along the road.

Taxi in Davao City has leveled up from non-aircon to aircon. Vibrant shades of  different colors give more interest to the commuters as well as the public. Some taxis are known to have cashless transaction payment through the use of debit card.

Davao City taxis are famous for having drivers who are tourist friendly and most of all very honest. In every payment made, drivers always make sure to charge exactly and even give an exact change up to the last centavo. The taxi drivers obey what Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warned about overcharging and not using taxi meter.

Traveling in Davao City is much secured because of the honest taxi drivers and 200 cctv camera which are scattered around the city. Police officers are also placed along the streets, malls and other public places to secure the peace & safety of the visitors.

So, when you visit Davao City, expect more courteous taxi drivers who will greet you and tour you around Davao City for a reasonable fare.




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