Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Scriptural Way of the Cross or Scriptural Stations of the Cross is a devotion which recalls with mindful affection the last stage of the journey that Jesus walked in his earthly life. 

The Way of the Cross or Via Crucis is portrayed in the Philippines in several ways. Some conduct a procession of karosas with life-size statues of the Biblical characters, commencing after an afternoon mass in a local parish and paraded around a vicinity or town. The Passion is also re-enacted, where penitents flagellate themselves while marching on the street under the heat of the sun.

In Davao City particularly in Tibungol Pandaitan Paquibato District, they perform the way of the cross by walking along the Tibungol River which approximately about 1 kilometer. Many Catholics flocked to participate and reflect the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the cross. The procession will end at the chapel of Nuestra SeƱora Delos Desamparados.

Way of the cross is not just an act or a celebration but a time to reflect and remembering Jesus Christ that he suffered because of our sins. 

Before praying the Stations, consider:

The way of the Cross is the road which leads to Paradise; it is the sure way to holiness.

The Passion of Christ is the greatest and most stupendous work of Divine Love.

-- St. Paul of the Cross

All photos credit to Ako Si Archie Roble
Davao's Pride Admin




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