Thursday, July 10, 2014

The city council of Davao proposed an ordinance to regulate the selling of liquor and cigarette. The proposed ordinance states that all business owners like small sari-sari store, grocery, hotels, restaurants, bars, malls, food houses, eateries, refreshment parlors, beer houses, disco/joint houses, fun houses, amusement centers, motels, inns and other establishment, entities and person selling and serving beer, liquor, coconut wine and other intoxicating beverages as well as cigarettes and other tobacco products should require a customer to present an identification card before purchase. Identification cards include, company ID, school ID, and other government issued ID’s.

In my opinion, Buying of liquor and cigarette in the Philippines like buying a candy. Sin Tax Bill was recently imposed to minimize liquor and cigarette intake especially to minors. The Bill imposed to increase the prices of the aforementioned. Despite this, many people are still into these vices. In Davao City, the proposed ordinance will intensify the bill and will help in minimizing the involvement of minors in drinking liquors and smoking cigarette. For it to be a success, it should be implemented strictly because we cannot assure that all establishments will follow. For example, a small sari-sari store owner’s main concern is his sustainable income. If this ordinance will materialize, it will be expected that his income will eventually tone down since he has to abide to the new policy, not unless he will never follow it just to maintain his cash flow.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte also has doubt if the buyers of liquor and cigarette will carry fake documents. He added that the best way to stop children from drinking liquor and smoking cigarette is through proper guidance and education. To stop the growing problems in many students, there must be a close coordination between the local government and the school.

According to Dr. Jose Rizal, “Ang kabataan ay pag-asa ng bayan.” I believe and agree to this quote especially for those youth who strived to be an asset instead of being a liability. But despite this, some youth are still involved in drinking alcohol, smoking, or even drug addiction that results to gangsterism.
By creating this ordinance, Davao City will be an example in many places in the country by securing and preventing our youth in drinking liquor and smoking cigarette. It may not be a 100 percent implementation, especially to some establishments, but what’s important is the youth will be prevented from smoking and liquor addiction as early as possible.




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