Sunday, July 20, 2014

Davao City is known for its continuing campaign against illegal drug activities. This place is also dangerous for people who do illegal activities in the city. Criminals can choose to surrender and be in jail, or fight and find themselves in the funeral parlor.

In his program, Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warns illegal recruiters for their continuing operation in the city. The mayor was unhappy for the latest recruited individual who ended up in Iraq instead in Qatar, where the recruited expected to be. 

Mayor Duterte emphasized that he will classify illegal recruiters under illegal drug category. He will treat them as illegal drug dealers. 

To strictly monitor the entry of illegal recruiters, Mayor Duterte reminded all barangay captains to keep an eye of all recruiters within their jurisdiction. Any suspected illegal recruiters who cannot present pertinent papers should be reported and arrested immediately to prevent anyone to be victimized.

He added that he cannot endure to see another Davaoeno to be a victim of this act while illegal recruiters make money on the expense of these poor people.




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