Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The originator of the famous BluGre Cafe of Davao that brought durian coffee into the mainstream is at it again - creating, deconstructing, and reconstructing much-loved dishes but using Davao's bananas. A must try is their gigingka (banana cake cooked like bibingka), which is now becoming a new pasalubong item from Davao. 

Saging Repablik is the city's only banana-themed restaurant that celebrates one of the region's largest agricultural produce and export. What makes it more exciting is that coffee is still tops and a retail corner of cool apparel and accessories can make your stop also a shopping experience.

Create your own bananacue station
  1. Choose your banana cue
  2. Choose Dip or Spread


Map of Saging Repablik

Contact information

Saging Repablik
Tionko Ave. corner V. Mapa St., Davao City
Tel. No: (63 82) 285 9648

All photos courtesy of Asec. Art Boncato (DOT Davao Region)




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