Friday, July 4, 2014

I remember when I was young, my mother brought me to Kusina Dabaw to eat. She ordered 1 whole fried chicken and a big platter of rice. The old building of the restaurant had a second floor. They are famous in siopao, lomi etc. The quality and affordability of their menu is one of the reasons why many dabawenyos patronize this restaurant and taste their sumptuous dishes.

For a long time, Last year I returned to this restaurant together with my wife to dine again. The same feeling and experience hit me that night as I look back to my first Kusina Dabaw experience and now with my wife.

It was cold night that time, so we ordered lomi to warm our stomachs. The lomi was very delicious and you can smell  the aroma and unique taste. When you order lomi in Kusina Dabaw, there is always a toasted bread to complement the dish.

Kusina Dabaw is located at San Pedro Street, near My Hotel, Davao City.

Contact information
Tel. no. 221-0035 & 221-5858



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