Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Abreeza Complex

Davao City night scenery has become more lively because of the new buildings constructed in downtown area. Many "Balikbayans"  were surprised and amazed whenever they see that the city has already leveled up. Many businesses like restaurants, condominiums, hotels and a lot more are sprouting like mushrooms to compete with other businesses which already gained the good economy of Davao City.

One factor that gave Davao City a lively economy is the peace and order. Many people do not hesitate to walk at night because of the implemented security in the city. People in Davao City are saying that security never sleeps here. Some people also say that, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte also does not sleep at night because he drives a cab to see the situation around the city.

As a blogger and amateur photographer, I can say that Davao City is more peaceful comparing to other cities in the Philippines. I can easily display my camera to take photos around the city at night.

View of Landco|Pryce Tower|Abreeza Residences|Seda Hotel

Abreeza Place Construction

Abreeza Residences & Seda Hotel

Inside Abreeza Mall


To be continued......




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