Sunday, August 3, 2014

“Bora-Bora” is modified muffler which is designed to amplify the sound of a motorcycle. It has been popular in Davao City for a long time now. Eventhough it has no direct impact to a motorcycle unit, in terms of performance, it has been selling much in the market for motorcycle enthusiasts who mostly wanted to be with the trend even it needs a plentiful of pocket to own one of these.

 On the other hand, a big percentage of the public has been complaining about this “bora-bora” motorcycle because of the noise it creates. Motorcycle muffler sound has been modulated and increased its volume beyond tolerable limit. As a result, to maintain the peacefulness in Davao
City, the local government has appointed Traffic Management Center (TMC) to confiscate all modified mufflers.

TMC has put the confiscated mufflers in good use. They had created a symbol of their department by using the mufflers and displaying the initials T-M-C on a helmet designed background.




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