Thursday, August 21, 2014

Many Filipinos today belonged to unemployment bracket. Every year, many graduates are in battle to hunt jobs that fits their course. Other graduates are applying in abroad for a better future. Even in conflict countries, still many Filipinos are putting their lives to risk just to earn an adequate income for their families.

Alongside unemployment problem is the unending posts of different job opportunities through print ads. These printed ads are mostly placed in populated area where people are expected to pass everyday.

In most cities, like in Davao City, it is normal to see different advertisement posted in walls and other establishments in the city. Many of those advertisements are about selling products, online jobs, working abroad and other local jobs. Some of these advertisements are true but some are hoax. Other advertisement offers big salary but in actual work, you have to sell products in order to get your salary.

One thing that might be the problem of the city is the cleanliness of the street. Some people are placing their advertisements in private and public area. It is not good to see advertisement scattered in public places. It might be an improvement if the city will address the problem by placing all advertisements in a designated place.

Giving jobs to people is good but we have to be responsible in placing advertisement in public places.




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