Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Davao City is abundant with flowers and fruits. During Kadayawan, many farmers harvested their crops to join the Kadayawan celebration. One of the highlights of this celebration is the PAMULAK SA KADAYAWAN or the floral float competition. Many local and international tourists were gathered in downtown Davao to witness the event.

Different flowers in vibrant colors were showcased in the floral float parade. 80% of the totality of these floats should be designed with various kinds of flowers and crops which are usually found in Davao City.

The competition was categorized in two different groups, traditional and alternative category. Contingents include, commercial establishments like malls, private organizations, and barangays. The overall grand winner for traditional float was IPI (International Pharmaceutical Inc.) while Brgy. Kapitan Tomas owned the grand prize for alternative category.

Pamulak sa Kadayawan Winners

Champion - Bgy. Kapitan Tomas
1st Runner-up - Davao Horse Club
2nd Runner-up - Club VeeDub Davao
3rd Runner-up - Philippine Daily Inquirer
4th Runner-up - Hydie Jereos

Champion - International Pharmaceutical Inc.
1st Runner-up - Concentrix
2nd Runner-up - Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Talikud Island
3rd Runner-up - University of the Philippines Los BaƱos Alumni Assoc.
4th Runner-up - Ines Flower Shop




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