Friday, August 8, 2014

Osmeña Park is one of the oldest park in Davao City. The location of the park is an old settlement of new Christian when Oyanguren succeeded in driving away Datu Bago and his followers in their final battle on June 28, 1848.

Today, the park is under renovation to add more facility and plant more trees for better ambiance. Fences and gates are being built around the park to secure the place from any illegal activities during night time.

The park was home of many massage therapists in Davao City. They were permitted to practice their skills in massaging, but after the controversial issue of illegal activities between some therapists and their clients, the city government of Davao ordered to transfer them at the city hall drive.

The city government of Davao is continuing to improve the park in the city. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is continuing his legacy to serve the dabawenyos by giving good governance.

As a dabawenyo, our duty is to maintain the cleanliness of the park. We have to protect the plants and the entire park as well for the next generation.




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