Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Davao City is the biggest city in the world in terms of land area. Most people here are engaged in farming. There are a lot of farm plantations in this city. The farms were planted with fruit bearing trees like durian, mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, marang and pomelo. 

The city of Davao was hailed as the fruit basket of the Philippines. Most fruits in Manila are coming from Davao City. Many visitors are visiting the city to explore the different tourist destinations here. They are amazed whenever they can see the different fruits stand scattered around Davao City. 

One of the most famous among visitors is the pomelo. Tourist will not fail to buy and bring home this fruit because of its sweetness and it is very affordable. 

The famous pomelo brand name in Davao City is the Golden Fruits Davao. Most visitors are looking for this pomelo because it is so juicy and sweet compared to other brand names. They have big plantation in Brgy. Matina Biao Davao City and in Davao del Norte.

Golden Fruits Davao has been more than 20 years in producing best tasting pomelos. Distributed all over Philippines and number 1 producer of pomelos in Davao. 

Official Retail Outlet in Davao City

* Golden Fruits Davao
Madrazo Fruit & Shopping Center
Cayetano-Bangoy St., Davao City
Tel. no. 224-5683

* Penmar Fruit Galore
Madrazo Fruit & Shopping Center
Cayetano-Bangoy St., Davao City
Beside Jobs Academy
Tel. no. 305-8410

* Golden Fruits Davao
BF1 Building 
Buhangin Diversion Rd. Davao City
Tel. no. 3000153

* Golden Fruits Davao
San Pedro Ext., Cor. Marfori Ext.
Brgy. 6-A, Davao City
Near Bankerohan Public Market

* Golden Fruit Davao
Citra Mina Ecoland
Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City

* Penmar Fruit Galore
Km 6, Amados Fruits Stand Lanang
Davao City
Tel. no. 305-0198

* Penmar Fruit Galore
BFM 11
Door 1, Catitipan Rd., Davao City
Beside Silangan Cooperative
Tel. no. 304-0204

* Penmar Fruit Galore
Terminal Building, 2 bankerohan
Brgy. 5-A, Davao City




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