Monday, September 22, 2014

For almost 28 years of  living here in Davao City,  I’ve witnessed how this city became famous not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. And because of this, there are a lot of reasons why I love this city and below are just some of the reasons.

1. My Birthplace
I am proud to say that I was born and raised in this progressive city. There are a lot of experiences and memories which made me proud of my city.

2. Good governance
I can say that living in Davao City is a blessing. Compared to other places in the world, the leadership here is good. Through the leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City has become the example of many places in the country. By strictly implementing the ordinances, it led to a more peaceful and orderly city.

3. Security never sleeps
Thru the 24/7 high-tech equipment of Public Safety and Security, people in Davao can assure the security of the city. CCTV’s, together with the police force and barangay police, are scattered around the city to monitor the bad elements.  Checkpoints are set in the key areas where taskforces vigilantly post.  Aside from that, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte randomly drives a taxi to monitor the situation of the city. 911 Emergency response also helped in maintaining the city’s peace and orderly. As for every Davaoenos like me, it is our nature to be always vigilant just to maintain this city’s peacefulness.

4. 911
Thru the initiative of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in bringing good public service in his city, he adopted the 911 emergency response of USA. Davao City is the only city in the Philippines, and Asia, to have this kind of emergency response. Compared to USA and Canada, 911 in Davao City is free of service.

5. Cleanest street
Davao City is fortunate because we have City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) to maintain the cleanliness of the city. Our industrious street sweepers are waking up as early as 3am to clean our street. CENRO is also the in-charged for planting and maintaining the plants and flowers in the islands of the city streets. Responsible citizens in Davao City are also one of the factors why the cleanliness of our streets are maintained by segregating and putting trash in proper garbage disposal areas.

6. Affordable food
Compared to other places in the country, food here in Davao City is very affordable. Different restaurants offer quality and affordable menu that suite my taste.

7. Abundance of fruits & vegetables
Davao City is the biggest city in the world in terms of land area. Most people here are engaged in agricultural activities. Big Plantations of fruits are here. Because of this, Davao City was healed as the fruit basket of the Philippines. Most fruits in Manila are coming from Davao City. Durian, pomelo, mangosteen, marang, mango and other fruits are mostly grown here and exported to different cities and all over the world.

8. Potable water
Water in Davao City was considered as one of the best potable water in the world. The quality of water has been tasted in terms of cleanliness, safety, mineral content, and taste.

9. Smoke-free
With more than 10 years of successful implementation of anti smoking ordinance. Davao City has been recognized by Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (Seatca) for being the first Southeast Asian Metropolitan area to become smoke-free. This ordinance will help to lower the case of any ailments caused by smoking. The city government implemented the ordinance strictly, many violators has been put in jail and paid the penalty.

10. Good climate all year round
Despite the fact that Philippines is one of the access of many typhoons, Davao City has minimal typhoons. The city enjoyed for its strategic location that shield by many mountains like the Mt. Apo.

11. More access road
The city government of Davao is looking into other access road to minimize the traffic of the city. Farm to market road project is a big help especially to our farmers which helped them transport their products easily to public markets.

12. Hospitable People
One of the characteristic that we Dabawenyo should be proud is our hospitality. We treat visitors in the best way we can.

13. Honest Taxi drivers
Davao City is also famous for having honest taxi drivers. No matter how drunk, or how deeply asleep a person is inside the taxi, the drivers will bring you to your destination safely. Another thing is the taxi drivers in Davao City will give your exact change up to the last cent.

14. Our Unique Tagalog Speaking
Davao City is a melting pot of many languages in the Philippines. Due to migration from different parts of the country, our Filipino/Tagalog dialect had evolved. This is the reason why it sounds unique and may not be as perfect as in Luzon because we are speaking bisaya, combined with tagalog and English language. The most unique part of our tagalog speaking habit is our “bisaya” accent whenever we converse in such a way.

15. Child Friendly City
Last year, Davao City was awarded as the most child friendly city for highly urbanized city category.  The city government served their vital role in protecting and ensuring the development and protection of children in Davao City.

16. Malls 
Davao City is updated when it comes to shopping, dining, entertainment and other activities. The city has number of malls to cater all our needs. Manila based company are expanding here in the city because of its potential in business. Dabawenyos can choose their needs, from high end to regular shopping and dining experience.

17. Festive Festivities
Kadayawan is considered as the festival of festival because it focuses Davao’s cultures and arts, and acknowledges its indigenous people, as well as being a thanksgiving for the bounty of Davao's harvest of agricultural products, especially fruits and flowers. Every year, I always present to witnessed the celebration especially the” indak-indak sa dalan” and “pamulak sa dan”.

18. Very accessible Tourist Destination
Davao City is blessed because of many accessible tourist destinations. For a small consumption of time, I can visit the different tourist spot, from highland to island. I don’t need to spend that much to be in my desired destination. It is really time and money wise to spend a vacation here in Davao City.

19. Parks
A park is an area of open space provided for recreational use. It is set aside for human enjoyment or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats. Many parks for wildlife protections are situated in different uptown places in Davao City. Whenever I want to feel and see the beauty of nature, I don’t need to travel far since a nature inspired park is situated in the heart of downtown Davao. This part is known for its famous name as People’s Park. This is another reason why I like Davao City. Different plants, flowers and trees add to the city’s clean and green campaign. Other parks include Osmena Park and Rizal park near the city hall, Magsaysay Park, Millennium Park, Freedom Park, and many others.

20. Black Taxi
Davao City is famous because of Black Taxi. This taxi cab was the first taxi in the Philippines painted with black. Another thing is the feature of the taxi; commuters can pay fare thru a debit card. It’s just a swipe and you can pay the driver.

21. Davao Chinatown 
Davao Chinatown, also known as Mindanao Chinatown is the only Chinatown in Mindanao. Covering 44 hectares, considered as one of the biggest Chinatown in the world. Filipino-Chinese businessmen are the majority owner of business here.  The Davao Chinatown encompasses the areas of Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Monteverde Avenue, Sta. Ana Avenue, and Leon Garcia Street. This area is my shopping destination if I want to shop in bulk and spend less.

22. Street Food
Eating street food in Davao City is very fun. I can save more money because it is very affordable. Cleanliness is not bad because vendors are entitled to get permit from the city government of Davao with the medical certificate.

23. Bankerohan Public Market
Living in downtown area, Bankerohan public market is my favourite place to buy fresh and very affordable seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables etc. This is the biggest public market in Davao City.

24. Fruit Stand
Because of the abundance of fruits it is a very usual scene to see different fruit stands in Davao City. Displayed fruits in these stalls usually include pomelo, durian, magosteen, lanzones, and rambutan, which are mostly found only here in Davao City. Their favourable spots are commonly placed in downtown area like near Magsaysay Park, Roxas Avenue near Aldevinco Shopping Center, Madrazo Street, Overland Transport Terminal, Davao International Airport, and many more along highways.




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