Friday, February 13, 2015

Good news for private vehicle owners and drivers because according to Davao City's Traffic Management Center Chief Rhodelio Poliquit that the Mayor advised to increase the allowable speed limit in the city.

Last October October 29, 2013, Executive Order 39 was implemented to address the alarming increase in traffic accidents in the city which caused by reckless driving and speeding.

The speed limit was 30kph within downtown area, 40kph from Panacan Crossing to J.P Laurel Avenue and from Ulas to Bolton Bridge, and Ma-a Road to McArthur Highway. 60kph maximum speed was set from Calinan to Ulas Crossing, from Lasang to Panacan, from Sirawan to Ulas Crossing, and from C.P Garcia Highway-McArthur Highway to Panacan.

The traffic accidents in the city were reducing because of the speed limit ordinance. Many drivers obeyed the rules to be exempted from penalty.

The city government of Davao purchased speed guns, motorcycle and patrol cars to apprehend speed traffic violators.

For more than a year of implementing the speed limit, the mayor said, thru the chief of Traffic Management Center Rhodelio Poliquit, that additional 7kph will be added to the existing speed limit in Davao City.

Below are the new allowable speed limit in Davao City.

(Point of Origin to Point of Destination)
Public Utility Vehicles
Private Vehicles
(Add: 7kph as New Speed Limit)
  • Downtown Area

  • Panacan Crossing to J.P. Laurel Avenue
  • Ulas to Bolton Bridge
  • Ma-a Road to Mc Arthur Highway


  • Calinan to Ulas Crossing
  • Lasang to Panacan
  • Sirawan to Ulas Crossing
  • C.P Garcia Highway-Mc Arthur Highway to Panacan



Disclaimer: This information is still subject for changes until official data is announced.




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