I travel around the Philippines to witness and discover different places. I take pictures with my Canon camera and carrying my Backpack. I trust people who are completely strangers to me. I was able to ride a plane, Bus, Ship, Banca, Jeep, Van, Tricycle, Habal-Habal motor etc. to satisfy my eagerness for new adventures. Every time I reach my destination, I can always say to myself that no one can compare my beloved Davao City.

I love Davao City because I was born and raised in a beautiful City of Davao. The experiences of the little boy Bryan who lived in Sin Yan, a barrio of Barangay Biao has a great contributions of what I have become now. A brief history, My place in Sin Yan was named after my grandfather who was a pure Chinese by blood.

Today, I am living a happy life with my family together with my two daughters who are my inspiration in every blog I make so that someday, they will continue my work as "Lakwatsero".



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