Must Haves When Camping in Texas

Whether you’re going in an RV or planning to pitch a tent, there are certain items you need when camping. Texas is a phenomenal place for a good camping trip, but it brings about its own set of challenges. Here are some items you will want to invest in before you head on your next adventure there. 

Kitchen Items

Texas is known for its beef. If you stop at a local butcher shop, you can fill your cooler with some delicious cuts of meat to get you through your trip. you’ll want to make sure you bring the proper cooking utensils and any condiments you may want. This state is not just good for its meat though. If you’re looking for something tasty to have on the way to your campsite, you’ll want to stop at Plano TX seafood restaurants

Insect Repellent 

Bringing insect repellent on a camping trip is usually a good idea, but it is vital that you bring it along when in the Lone Star State. Mosquitos love the humidity that can often be found year round, so you should spray yourself at all times. Your local camping store should have recommendations on what kind to use. 

Rain Gear

The weather in Texas is unpredictable. It can be warm and sunny in the morning, and then you might find the temperature has dropped ten degrees by that afternoon and rain is in the forecast. It’s a good idea to prepare for all types of weather when camping, so in addition to bringing rain gear, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of sunscreen. 

Once you’ve gathered all of these items, your journey can begin. There are so many fantastic camping spots in Texas that you might have a hard time deciding. Look at all of the state parks and do some online research to see what area might be best for you. 

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